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Lazy Thursday Haiku

Fathers Favourite Drooping lemon drops Behold the Laburnum tree Golden memories   Margi Jay 080617  

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Guildford Station

  Guildford Station     Among the click of ticket machines The convenience of M&S Smith’s papers, magazines Costa’s baristas Dealing with a queue Of thirsty commuters   I found this gem A disused water fountain 1887 Necessary at the … Continue reading

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Wi-fi really!!

Just read an article from daily post, re getting your thoughts down anywhere using mobile phone/tablet for example , which I found very interesting.  I very often frequent Waterstones, I love books and they now have an excellent coffee shop. … Continue reading

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Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

Beauty centre stage Coral red clings to green shafts The gladioli  

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Amatrice   The village is sleeping The earth is grumbling Walls are cracking Bricks are falling Sirens are wailing People are digging The silent are screaming The Pope is praying The watchers are weeping   Margi Jay        250816   … Continue reading

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Family Things

Behold the Bike Impressively hung Kindle the memory Elevated with love   I have called this ‘Family Things’ as there are many things we do together and never record – small things that make us laugh – or cry – … Continue reading

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Green Still

Victoria park No body, no dog, no wind Yet – buttercup tea

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